sleep & airway solutions

Sleep &  airway solutions

With an emphasis on overall health, we offer solutions for sleep disorders and airway concerns. Learn to recognize sleep-disordered breathing symptoms in your child by using our tracker, and schedule a complimentary screening with us if you have concerns.

Invisalign First for Children

Invisalign First is an early intervention treatment for spacing and overcrowding issues of the baby teeth. It helps with arch development, correction of protruding teeth, and cultivating the overall appearance of a child's smile.

Phase One Expansion

The goal of Phase One treatment is to help the jaw develop in a way that accommodates permanent teeth and improves the way the upper and lower jaws fit together.


If your child is experiencing sleep and focus issues, we have a solution. The HealthyStart® System helps your child experience deeper sleep, increase focus, improve behavior, straighten teeth, and create proper jaw alignment.

Myofunctional Therapy

Facial and oral muscle disorders can cause children to experience issues with chewing, swallowing, speech, sleep, breathing, breastfeeding, teeth alignment, facial development, and more. We use Myofunctional Therapy to effectively retrain a child’s orofacial muscles to correct and relieve functional issues while also enhancing their facial appearance.

Myo Munchee

Myo Munchee is a small chewing device for children that helps improve the tone and function of muscles of their lips, face, and jaws. Like a mouthguard, this soft, medical grade silicone also promotes nasal breathing, encourages lip closure, correct resting tongue placement, and proper swallow patterns.

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