people love it here

People love it here, and we love sharing their stories. If you loved your time with us, a note from you would help others enjoy a place where patients become family and every visit feels like home.


I had a wonderful experience at Juniper Dental! Very kind and welcoming staff. Clean and comfortable environment. I felt very taken care of and am looking forward to coming back here.

Marie P.

everyone is friendly

I had a great experience with Juniper Dental from the moment I made a call for the first time. Everyone is friendly. Sorting out insurance and documents was quick and easy. The clinic is beautiful and made me feel relaxed. I had a cleaning with Kelly today, and the the quality of service and thoughtfulness in every detail surprised me. I will definitely be back!



This is the nicest dental clinic I have ever been to. The staff was all so wonderful and went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable and received the care I needed. The state-of-the-art equipment at Juniper Dental is truly remarkable. It’s clear that they have invested in the latest technology and it makes the experience easier and also very cool. I highly recommend this clinic! It is located right off Deerfoot so no matter what part of town you are in it is very accessible.

Nick B.


Such a great experience at Juniper. My kids have terrible teeth and the dentist is always a stressful place to be. Dr. Cantlon took the time to go over what was happening in each of their mouths. He helped create a great plan that works with my benefits and makes me feel confident. The staff are so patient and incredible with kids! Seriously recommend this place to everyone!



Juniper Dental is STUNNING! Wow, I have never been to a nicer dentist in my life. As I walked through the doors, I was mind blown by the level of customer service. Their receptionist was extremely helpful by setting up all my dental history and ensuring my benefits were active. Upon sitting in the dental chair, I was greeted by an amazing “comfort menu” which had everything from blankets to noise cancellation headphones. The owners Dr. Chris and Amanda are phenomenal. They put so much care into their work. The biggest thing they do her is make sure you are comfortable, and they definitely exceeded this beyond belief. I cannot wait for my next visit and will continue to do so for the next 30 years. Highly recommend!



I am the most anxious dental patient there ever was and this clinic is an absolute gem. The wonderful experience starts from the moment you walk through the front doors into an absolutely stunning space. Every point of contact is so enjoyable and friendly from the receptionist, to the nurse taking X-rays, the dental hygienist, and doctor; they are all an absolute pleasure to talk to and take a genuine interest in not only your oral hygiene but in your life. It was a pleasure getting to meet all the staff and interact with them. The clinic is aesthetically pleasing from top to bottom and you are left feeling 100% satisfied and even excited for your next visit. I have extremely sensitive teeth and have avoided the dentist for far too long and now that I have found this clinic I will never go elsewhere. They were able to cater to my sensitive teeth to make it a comfortable and pleasant experience. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about this clinic - it’s AMAZING. I am so grateful to have found them.



Now I can see why they are rated so highly, they provided me with the highest level of professionalism from the front desk to the staff in the back. The decor was stunning, they took the time to really make their clients feel comfortable. Mid century modern setting. The back was really nice as well. They were communicative and informative as well. Got the latest technology as well. TV on the ceiling as well for comfort. Got an electric toothbrush as a gift. It made me feel valued. The prices really reasonable compared to other dental practice in the area, also they respected my choices. Was not pushy at all. Definitely will be my go to dental practice. Was 100% happy with their service.


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